Excel Basics Day 3 : The Excel window where we work.

2 min readApr 20, 2018


Now, let us familiarise ourselves with the different parts of the Excel window that we work in. Please have a look at the illustration below:

In the illustration, I have marked the following items of Excel window:

1. Quick Access Toolbar : You can place your most frequently accessed buttons of Excel in this area for easy accessibility. We will discuss the menthod in greater detail later on.

2.Menu Tabs : The different commands/buttons of Excel are grouped into tabs.

3. Workbook Name : Any file in Excel is called as a Workbook. This is similar to calling a file as Document in WORD and Presentation in powerpoint. In the illustration above, the workbooks name is Budget.

4. Worksheets : Every workbook has one or more Worksheets. Our Budget Workbook has two worksheets “Income” and “Expenses”.

5. Row Numbers & Column Names : Every worksheet is divided in to a number of Rows and Columns which are numbered as 1,2,3……. and A,B,C….. respectively.

6. Cell : Every intersection of rows and columns is called a Cell. For example Cell P10 above is called as P10 since it lies on the intersection of Column P and Row 10.

7. Name Box : It displays the names of the current selection of cells. It may also be used to assign a unique name to a cell or group of cell. For example cell P10 may be named as Bonus_Rate. This is one of the most powerful features of Excel. We will go into greater detail later on.

8. Formula Bar : This area is used for editing the formula which have been entered in the different cells.

Please open your copy of Excel and familiarise yourself with the window. As we move ahead, we will be referencing these terms frequently. A clear understanding of the terms will make the journey much more smoother.




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