I’m Bad with Money

2 min readJan 12, 2022

Is that how you describe yourself?

Or do you describe yourself as, "lazy"?

Or is it some other limiting belief?

A Belief that now permeates your being and has become a part of your self-identity.

Your words define your destiny.

Unfortunately, words you use to describe your present, also determine your future.

  • Your words, actions, behaviours and habits are a feedback loop. The words you use, orient your behaviour and actions.
  • The way you describe yourself sets people expectations. You must be mindful of this feedback loop as well.

Here are some steps, to change the way you talk about yourself:

Step 1: Having a "Haven't yet" mindset!

Instead of saying “I’m bad with money,” you should say: “I haven’t yet learned the skills of managing my money, but I’m going to,”.

- Ramit Sethi

Take a conscious decision to change the language that you use to describe yourself.

Don't say "I'm bad with.....", start saying: "I haven't yet learned.....". It is fine to skip the, "I'm going to", part if you wish.

It may take some time but you will get better with practice.

Step 2: Habits and skills are not traits!

Your getting angry easily, is not a trait, it is a habit. You have not learned anger management skills YET. You should.

You feel tired all the time, is not a trait. You have not optimised your sleep habits YET. You can.

Step 3: Track and analyse

Whenever you express a limiting language, take some time to analyse the root cause. Are you hiding your embarrassment? Are you using it as an excuse? Have you worked on the skill, yet? Do you want to work on it?

Language is the software of the brain. Debug your language to upgrade your brain.




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