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2 min readJan 17, 2022

I don’t know whether I have done nominations in my mutual funds. Where can I get the information.

How to add nominee for mutual funds? As there are multiple funds.

I received these messages via DM in response to a tweet I posted on Sunday.

Thankfully, this problem of dealing with mutual funds individually has recently been resolved.

Mutual Fund Central (

MF Central is an online unified platform to provide services related to mutual funds. CAMS and KFintech, the country’s two largest registrars and transfer agents collaborated, to launch it in September 2021. The portal gives you access to all your mutual fund schemes in one place, regardless of which registrar services the fund house.

How to register

You can use your PAN Card and the registered mobile number to register on the platform.

The Roadmap

The first phase saw the launch of non-financial service requests.

In the second phase, an app was launched. The app has all the facilities that are available on the online portal.

The third phase will involve the launch of transactional services i.e. investment, redemption, and switching of funds.

Services Available

Some of the important services available on the portal are

  • Change of dividend option
  • Change Of Bank Account/IFSC/Mandate etc.
  • Update email/mobile number/nominee etc.

You can check the status of the nomination as well as the names of the nominees in the “Update Nominee Details” section. You can also update nominations in multiple MF folios at the same time.


When registering, use the mobile number that is associated with the most folios.

MF Central does not allow multiple mobile numbers.

MF Central classifies all folios with the same PAN but different mobile numbers as “unregistered folios.”

Before placing any service requests, you will need to update the registered mobile numbers in these folios.

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