Unauthorised Transactions in your Bank Account: Limits on Your Liability

  1. Full Liability: If the loss is due to negligence by the customer, such as sharing of payment credentials, the customer will bear the entire loss until the transaction is reported. Losses that occur after the reporting are the bank’s responsibility.
  • BSBD Accounts — ₹5,000
  • All other SB accounts, Pre-paid Payment Instruments and Gift Cards, Current/ Cash Credit/ Overdraft Accounts of MSMEs, Current Accounts/ Cash Credit/ Overdraft Accounts of Individuals with annual average balance (for 365 days preceding the incidence of fraud)/ limit up to Rs.25 lakh, Credit cards with limit up to Rs.5 lakh — ₹10,000
  • All other Current/ Cash Credit/ Overdraft Accounts, Credit cards with a limit above Rs.5 lakh — ₹25,000
  • The burden of proving customer liability in case of unauthorised electronic banking transactions shall lie on the bank.
  • The number of working days is based on the customer’s home branch’s schedule, excluding the date of receipt of the communication.



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